The segment I do airs usually on Sunday morning between 7am and 7:30am on the WZZM 13 Sunday Early Morning News with Jennifer Pascua and Aaron Ofseyer.  I am doing a story on the "back story" of ArtPrize.  While everyone is talking about what we did right with Artprize, and what we need to do to make ArtPrize better next year; I wanted to talk to a host family about what the ArtPrize experience was like for them.  What was it like inviting a person you didn't know into your home for about 3 weeks?

Ofer MizraChi is the ArtPrize artist, and Roger and Dean were his "host family."  I had the pleasure and the  honor of being invited by Ofer, to celebrate Yom Kippur, his first in the United States with him and his host family.  I brought Kosher Challah bread and Kosher Wine, on the advice of Karen, one of my Jewish friends.  She had my back on this one;)  Ofer was so visibly touched by the gesture; I ended up calling Karen at 2 in the morning and leaving a message thanking her for her wonderful suggestion.  Ofer said his mother will be so pleased when he tells her he had Kosher Wine and Kosher Challah on Yom Kippur in Grand Rapids, Michigan,U.S.A..  I just think that is so cool!

Well anyway, I want to share a sneak peek with you.  It's a short snippet of a little of what you can see on WZZM 13's Early Morning News, Sunday, between 7 am and 7:30 am.  Here Ofer is sharing with me, the affect that he saw with his own two eyes, that ArtPrize had on the children that came through his Tower Plaza venue.