These Are Not Your Dad’s Versions of ‘Jingle Bells’ [Video]
We've been playing Christmas music on Greatest Hits 98.7 WFGR's sister station, 100.5 The River, since Nov. 2.
In addition to my gig as mid-day host on 98.7 WFGR, I am also our operations manager. Part of my job is helping schedule the music for WFGR and 100.5 The River.
So, yes, I have gotten to know…
Pregnancy To Birth In 95 Seconds! If It Were Only That Fast!
How would you like to conceive and deliver in 95 seconds!  If we could do that we could breed even faster than the proverbial rabbit.   That's not quite what this story is about but one parentgot creative with his video camera a videotaped his partner's pregnant belly g…
Laughing Baby/Scared Baby When Mom Blows Her Nose
This video has already gone viral!  This so funny to see.  The mom says she put it up to share with family and friends and well, the rest is history.  The parents were on ABC this morning and have a commercial running with their youtube video...

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