The time has come for a new Poet Laureate for the city of Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids Public Library announced who the new Poet Laureate of the city is.

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Who is The New Grand Rapids Poet Laureate?

The previous Grand Rapids Poet Laureate,  Ericka "Kyd Kane" Thompson, has handed over the title to a new person: Christine Stephens-Krieger.

In a press release, Christine Stephens-Krieger shared how she is feeling about being named the new Grand Rapids Poet Laureate.

"I'm excited to begin my tenure as Grand Rapids Poet Laureate, excited for this new super power with the Grand Rapids Public Library helping me celebrate and uplift Grand Rapids poets. For my first project, count on an expansion and continuation of An Oral History of Poetry in Grand Rapids (currently going up on YouTube #OHPGR), where we interviewed 50 people about their experiences with poetry in Grand Rapids to save at the GRPL's archives.”

Current Grand Rapids Poet Laureate: Christine Stephens-Krieger


Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Christine Stephens-Krieger has been writing since the third grade. Stephens-Krieger has won places in GVSU's Oldenberg Writing Contest, the Dyer-Ives Poetry Competition, and the McGuffin Michigan Poet Hunt.

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In her 14 years as coordinator of the Dyper-Ives Poetry Competition, she developed connections throughout the poetry community. In 2018, she was instrumental in bringing the poetry contest to its new home at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

She has been published widely in magazines and journals and is currently completing a full-length book for publication.

Poet Laureate Commencement Event

Grand Rapids Public Library is having a Poet Laureate Commencement program on Sunday, April 18, 2024, 2:00 – 4:00 pm at the Main Library – 111 Library St NE.

"Celebrate the commencement of Christine Stephens-Krieger as the new Poet Laureate. Hear remarks by the outgoing Poet Laureate Kyd Kane, enjoy refreshments, and browse community-sourced poems from the Postcard Poetry Project, an initiative launched in 2021."

You can get more details here.

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