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Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney in New Video
It's the day before the election, and the Mitt Romney endorsements are flying in! The first came from Joss Whedon (who strongly believes Romney can jumpstart the zombie apocalypse). This one is from 'The Simpsons' bad guy Mr. Burns (who is the cartoon embodiment of corporate greed)...
Ann Romney in Michigan Today
Today, Ann Romney will be in Michigan campaigning for her husband, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney.
Early this afternoon, she'll be at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City.  Later this afternoon, she'll be at Kent Victory Center in Grand Rapids.  T...
Presidential Debate is Great Musical Video (video)
This video is a blast!
The first Presidential Debate for 2012 was held last week, as we all know.  Immediately, reporters and analysts were debating the outcome of the debate.  The discussion will likely go on until the next Presidential Debate.