They are Best Friends Through the Good Times and the Bad [Video]
You've never seen a better pair of best friends than six-year-old buddies Zac and Vincent. The two first-graders in Union, Missouri, are inseparable, and play together nearly every day.
When Zac Gossage became ill, and was diagnosed with leukemia, Vincent vowed to not let him go through it alone…
Caledonia Boy Granted Make-A-Wish Trip Is Leaving Today
Stories like this always hit me hard. I mean, when adults are fighting cancer it's tough enough to imagine what they're facing. However, when it's a kid, whew.
Today, one of those brave kids is getting his wish via the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan.
New Leukemia Treatment Could Be Found In A Single Shot
Only three patients have been tested thus far but research published Wednesday indicated that this '"Single Shot" treatment made the most common type of leukemia completely disappear in two of the patients and reduced it by 70 percent in the third...