Buy a Michigan-Shaped Morel Mushroom on eBay for $10K
Morel season is underway and the mushroom is a big part of Michigan. So big that a Manistee Man is selling one on eBay for $10,000!!
Why so much? Because it's shaped like the great state of Michigan.
Lance Miller describes the fungus on his page as:
Roughly 2...
Buy A Piece Of LAUGHFEST On Ebay
Well, Laughfest may have come and gone for us here in Grand Rapids; but it lives on on eBay.  It's all to raise money for Gilda's Club and it begins tomorrow, on Wednesday, March 30th. 
Get items autographed by comedians Betty White, Bill Cosby and many of the others that joi…
What Happened To Timeouts Or Spankings?
I remember when our kids "acted up" or misbehaved, we sent them to their room, took something away, cancelled their activity with friends, something that, after numerous warnings, got their attention.