birthday party

My First Happy Birthday Song From Keegan & Ava!
My friend Mary brought her two grand daughters over because they wanted to hand deliver the birthday cards that they made for me.  On the way out the door Mary got them to serenade me with a quick Happy Birthday Song.  Here is Keegan and Ava singing me my personalized Happy Birthday Song..…
Chuck E. Cheese Gets Ripped Off
For a birthday party present, a 1-year-old baby got a lesson in filching food.
In Troy, a party of 15 ate pizza and birthday cake with the tot and slipped away without paying.
Or as Chuck might say ... Rats!
News story from WOODTV...
Miley Cyrus Celebrates Her 18th Birthday With A Bong
Sources say this video was shot by "a friend".  All I have to say is no friend would ever do this to someone they cared about.  Wonder how much "the source" got for this video.  Apparently it is not "pot" she is smoking but salvia?…