Woman Dragged off Delta Flight in Detroit [Video]
It was a sight that was caught on camera Monday morning when a woman was dragged by officers on a flight at the Detroit Airport.
The Delta flight was supposed to head to San Diego before the incident occurred around 8 a.m.. According to the Detroit Metro Airport, the woman ran through security w…
His Clothing Was What Got Him Kicked Off The Plane
This story is just so wrong. I swear, I have been on planes with people in their pajamas.  I'm not even talking kids I'm talking adults in their pajamas and coat.  So please don't give me any story on what this guy was wearing.
Ten Scary Flights [VIDEO]
Flying on a  jetliner piloted and maintained to modern standards is hundreds of times safer than riding in a car, but these videos show some dangerous close calls that might make you wonder.
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