Some kids have all the luck.  It's not everyday where you get to learn about space, and travel and whats it's like to leave this stratosphere from the guys and girls who actually experiment with it and do it.  Turn all of that into a do-good movie and you have A Smile As Big As The Moon.

Some lucky Grand Rapids kids from Northern Hills Middle School are living that dream.

Part of it all is something called Space Camp.  NASA puts that on for students as a way to introduce them to the space program.  This past Monday, to help create the space visual, NASA visited the students and brought along a 12-foot astronaut.

This visit came about because of the movie that premiered Monday night at Celebration Cinema North entitled "A Smile As Big As A Moon", a Hallmark Hall Of Fame Movie.

The movie is based on the real life story of  two teachers from Forest Hills Public Schools, who against all odds tried to get a group of special ed. students from six Grand Rapids school districts into NASA's very select space camp, back in 1989.

It was a one night only showing but I'm guessing at some point here you might be able to get  on eBay or purchase it at the Hallmark Channel.  If not watch it Sunday night!