SiTE:LAB's temporary, site-specific art has become well-known throughout West Michigan thanks in large part to ArtPrize.

On July 27, we will have another opportunity to enjoy art from SiTE:LAB at Blandford Nature Center.

SiTE:LAB won the Best Venue Award at ArtPrize in 2011 and again in 2012, but SiTE:LAB keeps busy with projects all year including:

On Saturday, Blandford Nature Center hosts SiTE:LAB 2013 from noon - 11:00pm.  The event is described as an "interdisciplinary, multi-sensory experience".

Admission is free to this Saturday's event.  Beer, food, and ice cream will be available for purchase.

SiTE:LAB never disappoints.  Saturday will be a great day to visit Blandford Nature Center!

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