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September is National Coupon Month, and many Americans are taking advantage of the savings coupons can provide. According to a new CouponCabin.com poll, most people use coupons to stretch a dollar at the grocery store. Nearly half of the respondents say coupons help them cut the amount of money they drop on food and wine. But 39-percent also get discounts on clothing through coupons, and 28-percent use coupons to save on pet supplies. A quarter of those responding to the survey say they cash in coupons when picking up beauty supplies, and 24-percent use them when buying books and magazines. Also, people aren't just clipping coupons anymore. Nearly 75-percent say they've taken advantage of online coupons or coupon codes at least once. Meanwhile, 36-percent take advantage of electronic coupons at least once a month, and eleven-percent use them on a weekly basis.