I grew up in Detroit and was on the air for 11 years there.  I worked at various station but by the look of the big gold record door in this photo, this is WDRQ when it was on Northwestern Hwy.  Anyway, Pat Benetar was performing in Detroit and stopped by with her boyfriend Neil Geraldo.  He was so cute.  She was so cute.  They were just adorable together.  I so clearly remember that!  Even in this picture you can see how giddy they felt.  Anyway, all the guys at the station were hot for her (remember her song I Need A Lover).  They were talking about it all morning and how they were going to kid around with her, hit on her etc.  I think she was "it" for them at the time!  It was all in good fun, but after the PD talked with her for a little bit she said she didn't want to take any pics with guys but would be happy to take one with me.  I remember asking her what was going on and she said she has her boyfriend there and didn't want all those guys flirting with her in front of him.  I assumed it had happened at other stations she visited.  Might be why they have been together for long.  Anyway, I told her I completely get that!  So we start to pose and I say to Neil, "Hey, come on be in the picture!"  And he kind of just brushed me off.  And she said, "You don't mind?"  And I said, "No, I'd love it!"  He was so cute and they just belonged together.  Well, this picture was probably taken in the early 80's so these two have been together now for probably close to 30 years.  That is amazing to me!  Anyway, this memory made me smile, hope it does the same for you!  She and her sweetheart are playing Fredrik Meijer Gardens on August 24th.  ps if you do have tickets she puts on a memorable, fun, FANTABULOUS show.  But something tells me it's sold out.