Opera?  Who knew? I went to the Dress rehearsal of The Barber of Seville presented by Opera Grand Rapids.  It was my first time.  Up until the cast took their final bows and the curtain closed, I wasn't sure I'd make til the very end.  But I'm glad I did.  I really enjoyed the performance of the talented cast of the legendary Barber of Seville.  They were all really great. I recognized the overture from the Grand Rapids Symphony  immediately.  I've heard all the songs, most of them via Bugs Bunny. .  I'm not qualified to comment on the specifics, but I thought the singing was terrific. The way the singers told the story of the (Rogue) Barber of Seville, who was part scoundrel  and part jack-of-all-trades, with their voices and with their body language was amazing.  I went to take pictures, but I came away with an appreciation of something more.  Going to the Opera is an experience to be savored.  The English subtitles are often funny and only add to the merriment on stage.  The Show runs Friday and Saturday at Devos Hall.  Don't be like my wife who stayed home and my co-worker who said he couldn't go because he wanted to watch the premiere of "South Park".....which started three hours after the Opera.  Take a chance and try something new.