Can you even imagine mourning the death of your newborn baby and 12 hours later visiting the morgue one last time with your husband to say goodbye; only to discover that there was a mistake, and your baby was very much alive!

That's what happened to a couple in Argentina after the hospital staff had declared the baby dead.  The mother, Analia Bouguet, tells a television station that the hospital still has only issued her a death certificate for her baby rather than a birth certificate. She is planning on pursuing a medical malpractice suit.

Two hours after being issue a death certificate, Analia and her husband wanted to visit the morgue to take a photograph of their prematurely born baby and to say goodbye one last time.

"They put the little casket on a stretcher and looked for a bar to pry it open.  Fabian, the child's father said he and his wife uncovered it slowly and looked inside. They said at first they saw the little hand and then uncovered the face and that was when she let out her first little cry.

The miracle baby has been named Luz Milagros (Miracle Light.)  She is listed in critical condition but is said to be improving. The deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved in the case have been suspended, pending further investigation.  Everyone involved say they all reached the same conclusion, and that conclusion was that this little girl was stillborn.  If five medical professionals reached that same conclusion then those five medical professionals need to be re-evaluated or possibly some illegal activity was going on on the black market.