Another gun death.  I know this is a country whose "freedoms" include the "right to bear arms" but this is just another sad story of a fmaily being killed by a family member.   Sometimes it's difficult to find a way to put a positive spin on such a tragic story.

But  a terminally ill woman, Darlene Gilkey, died on the day of her son's funeral.  Her husband shot and killed their adult son, and her two sisters right in front of her at their Ohio home.  He then killed himself.  Why?  It was all over tensions that were rising because of the terminally ill woman.  Another son witnessed the shooting and said his father did not shoort him because he has children.

You just never know what is going to make a person snap.  Was it that the father and husband could not handle taking care of the family once his wife, the childrens mother was gone?  It's such a selfish act...

When I read the headline to this story I thought to myself, maybe her son and her two sisters were waiting for her on the other side to welcome her home.