Never mind that Mark Lindquist saved the lives of three developmentally disabled adults in the twister that hit Joplin, Missouri.  Mark was also honored by the Missouri legislature.  But ugly red tape reared it's ugly head to prevent this injured man, who risked his own life to save the lives of others, from collecting Workman's Comp.

Yes, this man did the right thing.  Yes, he should be rewarded for doing what others would not or could not do.  I am sure he will receive more than his earthly reward here, but still he has sky rocketing medical bills that are burying him in debt.  If you have never had a medical emergency and found yourself caught up in the maze that the medical institutions put you into; you have no idea of how it works.  I learned this after battling my own battle with colon cancer.  I am employed and it took me three years to pay it all off at about $350 extra a month I was paying.  It's not pretty.