Stephanie Webb, Catherine Behrendt and I just discussed this story on WZZM 13's Take Five and Company this morning.  Jerry Sandusky, the main man in question here, along with all of the allegations and his smarmy behavior was what pretty much dominated our conversation.  But when I read this headline tonight, and went a bit deeper into the story, I believe this is one big missing piece that reveals a lot!

Why would Joe Paterno transfer the ownership of his $594,000 home, for ($1) to his wife, less than four months before this story broke.  See, to me, words don't really mean much.  I heard everything he has said but it just don't match up now.

And, when I use that theory when I think about this story, it is so clear for me to see that that Joe Paterno was way more aware and knew lots more than what he chose to present to the public.  He is not the innocent man he is trying to convey to us, the public.

ps just for fun I looked up the definition of Joe Paterno's last name.  It's means "father" or "fatherly."  Sad Irony.  To take a word that is to mean good and turn it into something bad.  I guess it is all in a name...