Dr. Jack Dekkinga of the Skin Revitalizing Center was on the Morning Show with Andy Rent this morning, Chuck was away.

We talked about the importance of applying sun screen when outdoors.  He says a 30 spf or better is a must.

May is  Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and he mentioned free screenings that Spectum Health is offering.

Tuesday, May 10 from 3 to 7 p.m. at three locations:

Alpine Urgent Care Center, 2332 Alpine Ave, NW

South Pavilion Urgetn Care Center, 80 68th Street, SE

Broadmoor Urgent Care Center, 3350 Broadmoor, SE

There is no charge for the screenings.  For information call 616-486-6184

In addition, Dr. Dekkinga and Dr. Gina Ang are offering free screenings at Evergreen Commons, 480 State Street in Holldand on Thursday, May 19th.