Ahhhh, it's Girl Scout Cookie time.  That wonderful, delicious time of the year that means all is right with the world.  We've ordered our cookies, and just can't wait until they arrive.

But this year, the Girl Scouts are making it extra special with more than just Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties.  They're making Candy Bars!  At least that's the rumor, Girl Scout flavored candy bars.  Cookie Monster will be thrilled!

I found a photo of a seemingly Thin Mint flavored Crunch bar on Reddit .  The packaging on the candy bar clearly says, “Limited Edition Cookie Flavors,” “Sales sample,” and has the Girl Scout logo. Today.com says that Thin Mints Crunch Bar will be here in June.

Until a young neighborhood girl scout and her mother knocked on our door the other night, my wife Kathy and I didn't know if we would have any this year, let alone where to find them.  Oh, the horror of a year without Girl Scout Cookies.

Not to worry.  The Girl Scouts have released an iPhone app.  Now you can download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app and then use it to find Girl Scout cookies for sale near you.  What a concept.  That way, when I get that craving that only a coconutty Samoa will satisfy, all I have to do is whip out my phone, triangulate my position and follow the app to the nearest sweets-selling scout.

You don't think the neighborhood Girl Scout family will mind when I knock on their door, do you?  I'll take Kathy with me.  She likes Shortbread.