Saturday and Sunday the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore is hosting their last Cookie "Drive Thru" at the corner of the East Beltline and 28th street (in front of Toys R Us/Centerpoint Mall).   You can drive up, place your order and drive thru to pick up your yummy Girl Scout Cookies; all without leaving your vehicle!  If you haven’t had any girl scouts stop by your house, no co-workers had the sign up sheets at work for their kids, "No Problem!"  Tomorrow, Saturday, April 16th AND next Saturday April 17th areyour last opportunities of the season to stock up on the cookies.  The Cookie Drive Thru will be open 11 AM-5 PM both days.  ***Buy a bunch, freeze em' and eat them throughout the summer!  The money raised helps the girls do fun, bonding activities.  Let's show West Michigan Girl Scouts how much we support them!  If you're watching your weight do what i do.  Buy them and give them away as gifts.  Everyone likes em'!