Everybody knows who Steve-O is.  Even if you don't think you know who Steve-O is, you do.  When you see an old clip of him you will say, "Oh, that guy!"  And you will say it with disgust or admiration.   Yes, that is Steve-O.  Well, I never cared much for that Steve-O.  He kind of scared me.  He was so crazy, he was insane and he was so lost too.  Read a little bit about him on wikipedia and you see what I always saw and thought of when I heard the name or saw Steve-O.  But just recently, I saw him on some talk show.  I remembered thinking to myself whatever spirit was on that guy, it's off of him now.  He came across as intelligent, insightful and self reflective.  I believe he is at a really good place in his life and getting better.   When I had the chance to interview him for 6 minutes, I jumped at it.  He was not a disappointment.  I get it.  I get him.  After doing some of the stuff he has done to himself he should have been dead.  He gets it now.  ***You think Producer Joe from Free Beer & Hot Wings has done some crazy stuff over the years?  Nothing in comparison.  Happy that he has chosen a clean and sober life and is taking it one day at a time.  I wish him well.  Check out Steve-O  on the air with me Sunday; I'm guessing, like you've never heard before.  Listen to Faith Hope And Love Songs 9-11am EST & 7-9pm EST in Grand Rapids Michigan on 100.5 The River.  Listen online too!  This is a real redemption story.