Sheen did an interview this morning and took a drug test.  He passed it.  So What???

Well, now he is suing the exec's of Two & A Half Men saying "Look what they've put me through."  It's classic addict behavior.  They didn't put him through anything.  Everything that is spinning out of control is because of Charlie Sheen and his multiple addictions.   If I were Denice Richards, his former wife, I would be terrified to allow my children to be with him alone, unsupervised.

Unfortuntely I have lost way too many people to drugs.  I don't know if it's the business I'm in or what.  But drugs cost alot of money.  When you start to mess with an addict's money and his ability to get the drugs, this is what you see.  If you have no experience with people you love going through this then it might look as if he got a bad rap.

Charlie, the star of "Two and a Half Men", now has demanded a raise from around $2 million to $3 million per episode to return to the set of Two And A Half Men.   Where will this story end?  It's all up to Charlie.