Grand Rapids Won’t Regulate Uber Drivers, Why Stop There?
Uber is a controversial app which allows anyone to turn their car into a taxi and make money giving rides.
The City of Grand Rapids has announced it will not regulate or license Uber drivers at this time.
Does it still make sense to continue to regulate other established cab companies in Grand Rapids?
Free Museum Admission To Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of Ford Presidency
This weekend marks 40 years since Gerald R. Ford became the 38th President of the United States.
He took over the presidency after Richard Nixon resigned as a result of the Watergate scandal.
To commemorate this event, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum will be free to the public this Saturday, Au…
Election Results – August 5, 2014
Tuesday was primary election day in Michigan.
West Michigan voters decided on candidates for state House and Senate, Congress, judges, county commission, and multiple proposals.
Results are in.
Michigan Congressman Learns What a Kardashian Is
On Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water sent a tweet about a game that features Kim Kardashian.
The tweet received hundreds of responses, including one from a Michigan congressman who wanted to know what a Kardashian is.
Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation Announces new Chairman
Steven Ford, son of former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford and first lady Betty Ford, announced that he has concluded his term as chair of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation. Ford will be succeeded by Red Cavaney who served on the White House staffs of Presidents Gerald R. Ford, Richard Nixon …
National 9/11 Museum Dedicated Today [Video]
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are helping dedicate the new National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York today.
The memorial includes artifacts from that fateful day on Sept. 11, 2001.
What will always strike me about that day is the direct contrast between the picture …

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