A Dating Site for Donald Trump Fans…..No Kidding
I think the political landscape just got a little wackier. Now, the fans of Donald Trump, the possible soon-to-be Republican Presidential nominee, have set up a dating website. No, seriously, if you're a Trump fan, and you're looking for someone else who shares your passion for The Donald,…
Crazy Pony is Dead… Or, is She? [Video]
This is a hilarious video of a pony that likes to play dead. No fooling, the pony likes to make people think she's dead. Check out the owner as she try's to talk Pinto the pony into getting up.
Comedic-Farce “Perfect Wedding” Coming to Circle Theatre
Circle Theatre's intimate setting is the perfect place for their upcoming production of Robin Hawdon’s Perfect Wedding. Starting on Thursday, June 2 at 7:30 p.m. inside the Performing Arts Center on the campus of Aquinas College, the show will run June 3 & 4, 8-11, 15-18 at 7:30 p…
To All Vegetarians and Vegans…How About a Good Steak [Video]
Are you a vegetarian, or vegan? Are you a little annoying to meat eaters?
We all know both, and I'll have to say my vegetarian and vegan friends are pretty much tolerant of us meat eaters. But, there's always a few who never let you forget it when your chowing down on a good steak, or some …
Bernie Sanders/Larry David…Are They the Same Person? [Video]
The race for the White House is in the final stretch. The candidates are taking advantage of anything they can, and comedians are doing the same thing. This race is full of material for some great bits.
The Larry David-Bernie Sanders connection is one of them. Maybe you've seen SNL with Larry David a…
What do we Adults do at Work All Day? Kids Tell You [Video]
What do we adults do at work all day? That is a very good question. We all think we're being productive, right? We work hard and may have hectic days, but at the end of the day we hope we have accomplished something.
A group of kids were asked to explain what they thought adults do all day at work, a…

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