Well Bob Seger fans, he's finally doing it.  Bob Seger is going digital!

He is one of the last remaining big-name music acts to hold out from putting his songs on iTunes.  But not any more.  Seger is making his available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

On Tuesday, his two multiplatinum concert albums — "Live Bullet" and "Nine Tonight" -- will be available for download.

"We're finally doing it," Seger told USA Today, adding that he will use iTunes to release material from his backlog of unreleased tracks.

"There's just so much of that stuff," he said. "I'd love people to finally hear it."

USA TODAY is offering a 24-hour exclusive to download a free six-song Bob Seger EP (featuring "Hollywood Nights and "Mainstreet") as his classic rock hits arrive for the first time on iTunes.

The free download is available until 11:59 p.m. tonight (September 12, 2011).

USA adds that also making its iTunes debut is Early Seger Vol. 1, "a collection of spruced-up tracks and previously unreleased fare from the early 1970s."

How about a bit of Bob Seger. I think you'll enjoy this.