The gift of blood is the gift of life.  And Michigan Blood has been the gift of life for so many here in Michigan.

There are so many loyal and committed donors that keep the blood supply able to fill hospital needs, but there could always be more.

I know that for some, it's a little scary, and there can be many excuses.  Actually, you may think that you simply can't give because you got a tattoo and your blood now may be tainted.  Not any more.  The rules have changed.  Now, instead of having to wait one year after getting inked, you only have to wait two weeks.

There is a new law in Michigan that has shortened the waiting period as long has you have the proper documentation from a licensed tattoo parlor.

My friend, Jim Childress of MI Blood says that another common myth is that if you've had cancer treatments you can't give.  But, that's not always true.  There are very few medications that will get you deferred, he said.  A year after your cancer treatment is completed, you are eligible to give blood.

In fact the only medications that will prevent you from giving blood are for psoriasis or an enlarged prostate.

Ah, but maybe your iron levels are too low for some reason.  Not a reason.  MI Blood recommends waiting a week or two, add some iron rich foods into your diet and try again.

You really can be a life saver.  Contact MI Blood and find out how.