They are co-workers, family members, classmates and neighbors … everyday people that save lives of strangers. And, today, Friday, June 14th, millions of blood donors are being recognized as part of World Blood Donor Day.
Blood collection from voluntary donors is the cornerstone of a safe and sufficient blood supply. At Michigan Blood, more than 100,000 donors help serve the needs of hospitals around the state. These donors assure that patients who are suffering from massive trauma, undergoing surgery, or in need of cancer therapy have the blood needed to stay alive.
Today, Michigan Blood is recognizing its highest level donors, those who have given multiple gallons of blood throughout their years of donating.
Considering it takes eight pints to make up a gallon, many of these donors have made more than 250 trips to blood centers or mobile blood drives throughout the course of their donation history. Michigan Blood’s top ten donors gave a total of 314 gallons, which means they potentially helped nearly 1000 people!

Here is West Michigan, some of the top 10 in Michigan include Dick Benjamine of Holland, 37 gallons, Thomas Muller of Coopersville, 35 gallons, Melvin Wood of Rockford, 34 gallons, Mark Mortensen of Kent City, 32 gallons, and Elmer Scholten of Jenison, 32 gallons.

What hero's these people are.  Congratulations!