Best breakfast in Grand Rapids? So many great places in town. Any would be great right now. Rushed out of the house without eating. What a blunder. The majority of us

believe it's important to eat breakfast every day, but many also admit it's not always easy to fit the meal into a hectic morning. Fifty-four-percent of the respondents in Kellogg's Breakfast in America Survey say they wish they could eat breakfast each morning, but only 34-percent report that they do. In addition, 89-percent of the moms polled want their children to start their day with a good breakfast, but 40-percent admit that doesn't always happen. They say TV, homework, and getting ready for school gets in the way. Breakfast seems to drop off the schedule as children get older. While nearly all toddlers and pre-schoolers are getting breakfast every morning, only 77-percent of elementary school kids are eating breakfast before heading to class. Just half of the middle-school children are eating breakfast daily, and only 36-percent of high school students have breakfast every morning.