Breakfast Out is Fun and Delicious in Grand Rapids
Breakfast , they say, is the most important meal in the day. That's why on the weekends, my wife Kathy and I love going out for breakfast. Not that the Rent kitchen isn't a good one. We can make killer omelets. I make killer pancakes from scratch. But, hey, I don't have to do the dish…
Breakfast from the Heavens: Almond Joy Pancakes
By Laurenda Marie Bennett
Pancake Sunday was a tradition in my family. I looked forward to those mornings when my mother poured her homemade buckwheat batter onto a warm griddle. Yummmm.
I haven’t met a pancake I didn’t like, but over the years I’ve come to find my favorite.
So, what are my favorite p…
Best Breakfast In Grand Rapids
Best breakfast in Grand Rapids? So many great places in town. Any would be great right now. Rushed out of the house without eating. What a blunder. The majority of us believe it's important to eat breakfast every day, but many also admit it's not always easy to fit the meal into a he…
A Few Ideas For Mother’s Day
All right. Here's the rundown.
Flowers are the big number one. No surprise there. That's the way most people go year after year, and moms love it, so why not? My mom has a green thumb, so I go with potted every year, but your mom might prefer cut. It's up to you.