Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, is there someone special at work?  Do you want  to let them know how you really feel?  Think again!

I remember the day when the manager would give flowers to all the ladies in the office.  I suppose now men could sue over that.  I remember when managers would give chocolate to the girls in the office but I suppose now someone could call that harassment.  Back in the day it was simply considered a thoughtful gesture.

But many attorney could tell you "thoughtful gestures" can oftentimes end up in a courtroom.

Valentine's Day is considered more of an intimate holiday, never mind that there are valentine's Day cards for moms and dads and sons and daughters and even friends. spoke to labor attorney Steve Palazzolo who has some suggestions for you...

You need to be careful about even wishing your co-worker or employee a Happy Valentine's Day

Skip the fun and suggestive Valentine's Day emails too, even if you bring one for every single person.

Valentine's Day gifts are definitely something to be avoided.

Never allow managers and supervisors to date a subordinate.

Hey, all of this may seem harsh but this guy is an attorney and I just bet he has any number of horror stories to share with you.

So in ending, I would like to wish you a H@**7 V@!##*!#$% D^& in this very sterile world of ours.