I've been working with Crash's Landing Non-Profit/No-Kill Animal Shelter for about 8 years now, as long as I've lived in Grand Rapids.  Anytime there is a chance to raise some money for them and it means yummy food I just have to pass it on!

This Saturday, October 22nd, please join us for the ALL YOU CAN EAT Pancake breakfast. It's at Applebee's, 3250 Grand Ridge Dr. NE (it's the Knapps Corner one) from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. ps and THIS time you get some sausage to go along with your pancakes.

The charge is $5 per person at the door. Crash's/Sid's receives $3 per person and Applebee's gets $2 per person to cover their costs.

Thank you Applebees for doing this and helping the animals that cannot help themselves. Thank you to the Crash's Landing & Sid's Sanctuary volunteers who give endless amounts of time, money, love and kitty rubs.

As a special treat the young adults in our youth volunteer program will be serving you breakfast.
If you have questions call Angie at 616-558-0248
Check us out at Crash's Landing.