I love these stories! How can a little three year old kid be so cool, calm and collected in an unfamiliar, must have been scary, situation.

The only words the 9-1-1 operator heard on the other end of the phone line were "'My Nana needs help." Little Ethan LeBlanc is only 3 years old, but he knows what to do in an emergency. Maybe even more so than most adults! Ethan may not have known what happened to "Nana" but he sure knew what to do!

Roxanne Doucette, Ethan's Nana, fell ill and suffered a seizure. Ethan called 9-1-1, stayed on the line with the operator for 10 minutes, escorted the EMS crew into the home, located Nana's pocketbook that contained her medication list, and then photocopied it for the EMT's. Now THAT is some amazing three year old!

Ethan received a new bike and was recognized by the Townsend Massachusetts Board for his "composure and maturity" for calling 911 after his grandmother suffered that seizure in her home.

Ethan says he remained cool because he loves his Nana. Of course, his Nana feels the same way and calls him her "little hero."