When I first read this story I was thinking thinking, why would a store owner be forced to remove a spice from his shelves?  I guess I'm too out of touch, and since I don't have any children, I wouldn't know about these things.

Apparently "Spice" is a fake marijuana.  Wikipedia gives a definition of "Spice" as being synthetic marijuana that does not cause one to test positive for marijuana.  Makes me wonder if chemicals are involved in this?  Marijuana is a plant but how does "Spice" become fake marijuana? 
Upon further research, I found that the product is manufactured in Korea and China, the bells and whistle warnings are already going off  in my head!  Our kids are smoking it!  It's going into their bodies and their lungs!
It's very difficult for the United States to monitor everything that comes into this country packet by packet and we've already seen the scare from China with our pet food, and the lead in toys, and the soda, and the food from China, and the lead paint on #2 pencils.  How many times have you put a pencil in your mouth?  If it's not made in America, and I only buy American pencils, it is not regulated.  Trust me on this, I've done the research.
AJ, a Zeeland grocery store owner, like many other store owners around the country, are being forced to remove "Spice" from their shelves.   Right now it's caught up in a legal debate that yet needs to be determined in a court of law.  But to be a kid growing up in 2012, it sure is a lot different than when we were younger isn't it?
***Update a 19 year old boy murdered his parents earlier this month and was allegedly on this drug at the time...