This is excellent news for any patients that have to spend time at the Zeeland Community Hospital as they got a big help in helping patients feel connected during the coronavirus

Fox 17 reports that Zeeland Community Hospital got a big donation Friday from Zeeland Public Schools of hundreds of iPads and face masks.

The school partnered with Tech Defenders to donate the face masks and loan the iPads to the hospital so patients can have accessibility to their family and friends through video calls, emails, and more, while quarantined in the hospital during recovery of COVID-19.

Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital President, Ron Lewis, told Fox 17,

"when you're in the hospital alone and you're, you don't have your normal family around you like we normally do in a hospital, amid these situations with our restrictions, family members have to call, and to be able to have a video through FaceTime on through those iPads, is amazing, very helpful for patients and families."


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