Michiganders love junk food. We don't have any scientific info to back that up, but it seems like it has to be when you consider how much delicious snack food is made right here in the Mitten State.

Your next get together's snacks could be completely Michigan-made! How? Well, here are just SOME of the snack foods that you can find that are made here in Michigan.

Better Made Snack Foods

Better Made, which is based in Detroit, Mich. makes a variety of snack foods (mostly of the chip variety). You can get your standard flavors of potato chips, along with a line of pretzels (the buttered braids are my FAVORITE), potato sticks, cheese curls, and more! You can find Better Made in many grocers around the state, but you can also order your favorites online via Better Made's website.

Downey's Potato Chips

Downey's, also made in Detroit, are another maker of chips from the Mitten State. While they may not be as well-known statewide as Better Made, chances are your friends from the east side of the state have a favorite flavor of Downey's. A quick search of Downey's website shows that there aren't any stores here in West Michigan that sell them, but they can be found everywhere over on the east side of the state.

Koegel's Meats

Koegel's meats, which are made in Flint, have been a Michigan staple since the early 1900s. Of course they offer the hot dogs and bologna that we all grew up eating, but Koegel's also offers some more snack-type meats such as Braunschweiger (which is kind of like a pate, only German), pickled bologna, and more. Koegel's products can be found in grocery stores around the state of Michigan, but if you're looking for a specific product, you can always check which stores near you sell it on their website.

Hudsonville Ice Cream

Hudsonville Ice Cream, made right here in West Michigan, offers a variety of flavors and one of the best parts (in my opinion) is that they release new flavors all of the time. Having a party where some of the guests are vegan or dairy-free? No sweat! Hudsonville also offers an entire dairy-free line.

El Matador Chips

Having a fiesta? Well, you're going to need tortilla chips. And there are none better than El Matodor chips which are made right here in Grand Rapids, Mich. It seems they don't actually have a website, but a quick search shows that you can find their chips in most grocery stores in West Michigan.

Coney Dogs

There will always be the fight among Michiganders as to which are better - Coney dogs from American Coney Island or the ones from Lafayette Coney. I'll keep my personal opinion to myself, but I can tell you that American Coney offers kits to make their dogs that you can have delivered right to your house.


No get together is complete without drinks, right? While there are a bazillion Michigan-made beers and spirits out there, you also have to offer some non-alcoholic options. Well, Michigan has you covered on that one, too. Vernor's and Faygo are both soft drink staples in the Mitten State. Everyone can agree on Faygo, we just all can't agree on the best flavor (is it Red Pop or Rock n' Rye?)

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