Want to own a #PureMichigan artifact? You now have the chance as the Mackinac Bridge Authority is auctioning off original steel grating from the Mighty Mac.

According to the Facebook post on MightyMac.org, they have 5 of the original steel grates for sale, but if you want one, you should know they're really big and heavy. The Facebook post says each grate is approximately 5 1/2 feet X 38 feet and 5 inches deep.  They also say that weigh around two tons (4,000lbs) each. I saw in the comments that someone had the idea it would make a great dock on a lake, which yeah if it weren't two tons.

Here's a little more on the condition, if you're interested, because there is something to remember,

Condition is used with corrosion and section loss appropriate to steel that is 60 years old.



The grating was originally coated with lead based paint.

So why would you want this? A) it's part of Michigan history. It's 60 years old and part of the original bridge. B) if you're able to cut it down, you could start a "Made in Michigan" type art shop.  A lot of the comments were showing what some people have already done with old pieces that were auctioned off earlier.

I like the comment of someone wanting to make it an air return grate in their house so they could say they walked across the Mighty Mac daily. The other one I liked is the wall art, I could see doing Michigan wood cut-outs with a piece of steel where the bridge would be crossing to the U.P.   BTW if someone does that, will you gift me one, you know for the idea?



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