'Da Yoopers are under attack! (the beloved people of the north - not the band)

First, it was confusion over what state the people at Mt. Dew thought the U.P. was part of (Correct answer - Michigan)

Now, it's a book review in the New York Times. The Times did a review of "Hunter's Moon," a new collection of stories, primarily set in the U.P., by Philip Caputo. In the review, the Upper Peninsula is described by the Times' reviewer as "hardscrabble" and having a population that's "slowly bleeding away." The reviewer then says, "the wreckage of American masculinity seems to drift up to the U.P. and never leave."

A woman named Katherine Larson, from Marquette, took issue with that, got on her computer (I know for a fact - Marquette has modern plumbing and the internet, now) and wrote a letter to the editors of the New York Times dressing them down.

Here's the letter. I enjoyed the letter. Might order the book.

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