Video of several police officers and K9s surrounding innocent man at gun point in Grand Rapids goes viral.

UPDATE: The man in the video has been released from jail.  However, charges have not been dropped.

It was a chaotic scene at the McDonald's on Division Ave in Grand Rapids last Friday.  As Grand Rapids police officers tell the young man to get face down on the pavement, McDonald's employees are trying to tell the officers that he is an employee, not the robbery suspect that they're looking for.  This appears to be yet another case of an innocent black man that "matched the description" in GR.

Many people shared the video on TikTok yesterday.  Aly who goes by @alytheeactivist first shared the video that was then stitched by the very popular @auntkaren0 who has 1.2 million followers, leading to this video going very viral, very fast.

Back in May a different black man was allegedly incorrectly identified as a suspect by the GRPD according to MLive,

Grand Rapids police pulled over a Black man they thought was someone else because he was driving a silver pickup truck like the man they were seeking to arrest for a crime. The situation escalated to the driver being jailed for resisting arrest.

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He was not the man they were looking for, but was still arrested.  GRPD claims the man was "tensing his arm" which lead to multiple officers taking him to the ground, pinning him with their knees and threatening to tase him.  The tensing of the arm is why the man was arrested for resisting arrest.

So, here we are, 4 months later.  A black man allegedly matched a description of a robbery suspect.  It seems to be immediately clear that he is not the suspect.  It looks like what happened in the McDonald's parking lot Friday is very similar to the previous incident after Fox 17 checked court documents,

The man was arrested for malicious destruction of police property and attempted assault/resisting of a police officer.

We've reached out to the Grand Rapid Police Department to find out when the officers realized they had the wrong man and why he was still charged and detained.  Sergeant Dan Adams of the Grand Rapids Police Department responded with the following statement,

Because of an active Internal Affairs investigation, I am unable to provide any information at this time.  Once the IAU investigation is complete, we will make those findings available and be able to discuss the incident in more detail.

There is no word on if the actual robbery suspect was ever identified or detained.

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