An exciting exhibit is opening on May 25th at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. It's the work of Masayuki Koorida, one of his first in the U.S., and a real honor for the Gardens to feature.

This exclusive exhibition showcases Koorida’s work with a wide range of materials. Celebrated for partially carved and polished boulders like Existence , permanently sited in The Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden, Koorida has a broader repertoire that includes highly geometric pieces in a variety of materials and exquisite, large-scale drawings. This exhibition runs through August 19, 2018 and will display all aspects of his work.

Courtesy Meijer Gardens
Courtesy Meijer Gardens

In the last decade, Koorida has emerged as one of the top voices in Contemporary sculpture. Although he has exhibited in China, Japan and across Europe, this exhibition is among his first in the United States. Works at a variety of scale and in a variety of materials will be featured in all the sculpture galleries. Of special significance are a series of large, never before seen drawings created specifically for this exhibition.

Koorida said, "Since the first time that I visited for the project in 2013, I have been to Meijer Gardens several times. I always find something new to discover; including great sculptures, exhibitions, beautiful flowers and gardens. I feel that the park is loved by people very much. It has been a great honor to be part of the collection. I am very glad to hold this solo exhibition at Meijer Gardens in 2018, it is exciting to have people experience it.”

For more information, go to the Meijer Gardens Website Here.


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