Plenty of animals in the house -- great way to help with Empty Nest Syndrome -- ever wonder what your cat is thinking. TV has the Dog Whisperer. Shouldn't there be a cat specialist. There is. And she says the majority of pet cats enjoy spending their days roaming around their house.

Animal communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick says this is what 52-percent of the felines told her in a new Temptations Treats for Cats poll. Fitzpatrick says just one-point-six-percent of the cats revealed that they like to sit around watching TV all day. And what really annoys Fluffy? Nearly half of the cats reportedly said they absolutely hate getting wet, while 29-percent of the pet cats' pet peeve is getting awakened from sleep.

Cats also like treats. Sonya says 45-percent of the cats told her they'd enjoy a treat "right about now," and 28-percent admitted they "always" want a treat. And when it comes to spending time with their people, 52-percent of the cats conveyed to Sonya that their favorite form of human interaction is to snuggle up together and nap.

Temptations conducted the survey by having cat owners submit photos of their feline friends. The company chose 250 pictures for Sonya to "read." Fitzpatrick says she asked her questions while looking at the photos, and gleaned the information from the cats telepathically.