Spending money wisely may not be this woman's strong suit.

A 44-year-old woman from Garland County, Ark. who worked for a judge has pleaded guilty to half a dozen felony counts of fraudulent use of a credit card after she used the county's card for personal reasons, including buying a tuxedo for her dog.

All told, Kristi Lyn Goss rang up $200,000 in charges. She also used the card to pay her electric bill, purchase tickets to sporting events, make car payments and buy jewelry and gift cards. How she didn't think her trail would come back to haunt her is a greater mystery than why exactly she thought her dog needed a tux. Was he getting invited to a lot of weddings? Is he a maître d'? Did he have tickets to the Oscars?

Goss, who was arrested last October, will be sentenced November 22. She must also pay $366,532 in restitution, so she'd better think long and hard before she improperly uses someone else's credit to cough up that cash.

And while it's comical that she actually bought a tuxedo for her dog on the public's dime, not everyone is up in paws arms about her antics.

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