Are you a fan of Glee?  Millions are.  If you're a celebrity, you're such a fan that you want to get on the show...strut your stuff, and all.

There may be no bigger fan that that furry, loveable, Star Wars actor, Chewbacca.  Chewbacca pulled off a fantastic feat and got himself on the show!  Seriously, Chewbacca will be on 'Glee' in a special Christmas episode playing a mysterious new transfer student who only communicates in growls.

Too fun!

George Lucas personally gave the show permission to feature Chewbacca in the episode and sent his official Chewbacca actor to appear in the episode.

Cast member, Matthew Morrison, who is also directing the episode, confirmed the news on a recent episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Check it out!

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