Nothing is better than hopping into Lake Michigan on a hot summer's day to cool off.

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For swimmers in Lake Michigan, this summer has been dangerous and deadly with 27 people losing their lives to drowning. In an effort to try and prevent future deaths and discourage people from breaking the red flag swimming warnings the city of South Haven has been handing out $1,000 fines to people not following the flag warnings to not swim.

South Haven Parking and Code Enforcement Hands Out $25,000 In Fines

Ryan Peterson works for the City of South Haven Parking and Code Enforcement and he told WWMT.

"I'm not here to make people upset or anything, I'm just here to make sure everybody is safe so we don't have any more drownings."


Jacob Florey with South Haven Area Emergency Services told WMMT.

"I'll talk to everybody, but I really crack it down with the kids because they're the most susceptible to getting swept out. As a kid I did it too, you want to go out further and you don't realize the danger."


South Haven Police Sgt. Kyle Griffith told WMMT.

"My entire shift for the day is out here doing beach enforcement, There are red flags up, they're just not paying attention to the flags."


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