I came across something today that has me a bit baffled.

A friend of mine posted a screenshot from GrubHub of a place called "Admiral" on 28th St. that featured a super swanky menu. The weird thing? It's an Admiral gas station near the corner of 28th and Division.


Now, I know that you can get some food at said gas station, but I don't know that it's the menu listed on GrubHub - it's more along the lines of the 99-cent fountain drinks that are advertised in this sign pictured on Google Street View.

Google Street View

So, I decided to see if maybe it was just a glitch with her app, or if this happens to everyone. I searched for "Admiral" using GrubHub on my phone, and got a similar result - though not quite the same.


The Admiral (with the same menu) that popped up for me was said to be located at 2366 Alpine Ave. NW. So, I looked up the address in Google. It is ALSO an Admiral gas station (Marathon Admiral gas station to be precise.)

Google Street View

NOTE: They were offering up that same 99-cent fountain drink special when Google rolled through.

Google Street View

Why is this happening? Honestly, it's unclear. I tried searching for Admiral on GrubHub's website and didn't get any results, BUT - when I searched for a specific item on the menu "boudin", the Alpine Admiral location was the only one to show up.

Also? As I was typing all of this out, GrubHub asked me if I still wanted some food from there and informed me that "there's something delicious waiting" for me...

Wendy Reed/ Townsquare Media

Are these Admiral locations doing some sort of "ghost kitchen" concept to make some extra money during the pandemic? Is GrubHub pranking us? Is someone pranking GrubHub? I contacted Admiral and they didn't seem to know what I was talking about (or seem that interested in talking to me. I think they were busy.)

If I find any answers, I will definitely let you know.

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