Last week, Holland Hospital announced that they will require all employees, students, and volunteers to get flu shots beginning this fall.

Most other West Michigan hospitals already have a similar policy.

Is it OK for an employer to require a flu shot?  Who should be required to get one?

West Michigan hospitals are fighting against the spread of the flu in a variety of ways.  One of those ways is by restricting visitors, another is by requiring employees to get flu shots.

WZZM reports:

Four other West Michigan hospitals already require employees to get a flu vaccine, unless they sign a form explaining why they won't get the shot. They include Spectrum Health, Metro Health, North Ottawa Community Hospital, and Saint Mary's Health Care.

Mercy Health Partners does not require workers to get a flu shot but strongly encourages it.

It's easy to understand the thought process behind requiring flu shots for people who work at hospitals.  But is it OK to require a worker to get a shot?  If so, what about other professions which work closely with people or food?



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