Father's Day is this Sunday, and all of us dads are hoping our families won't forget us, right? Maybe have a fun family cookout, play golf, fish, something fun and relaxing, and, maybe, there will be a gift involved.

Here's a question for you. What's your image of a good Dad? Maybe your father, grandfather, uncle, someone. How about a TV dad?

We'll all have to admit TV dads have made a real impression on us. Think about it and you'll come up with some TV fathers that were very inspirational for you. Some taught you about growing up and becoming an adult, and some were funny and entertaining. Maybe you wondered why your father couldn't be more like Sheriff Andy Taylor,


Ward Cleaver, or Herman Munster.


Give Herman a break because he was a good dad.

Ranker.com has come out with a list of TV's favorite dads. Guys like Rob Petrie, Andy Taylor and Howard Cunningham, and more, looked out for their kids, paid attention to their needs and gave them solid life and career advice.

Then the '80s and '90s came along and it got a bit a bit more realistic or cynical. TV Dads began reflecting the real, complex and often difficult job of being a father. Right Al Bundy?


What do you think? Who was your favorite TV dad, and who influenced you the most?