Allegations coming up hard against Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown.  I was hoping the kid had some sense after seeing her parents strung out on drugs for a large majority of her life.  But pictures have now surfaced of her appearing to be doing cocaine.   She says the pictures are not what they seem.  I hope for her own sake that they are not.  God Bless this kid, she's been through a lot already.  The interviewer here, throws Bobby Brown a real soft ball of a question asking him about the pictures that surfaced of Bobbi Kristina.  Here he is defending his daughter.  (Bobby Brown answers the allegation around 2:36 into the interview.)  *** appears that a sex tape of an underage Bobbi kristina is now circulating on the internet too.  Talk about a woman scorned!!!  This is an example of a former boyfriend of hers, scorned and mad that they broke up!