Holiday traveling, shopping, cooking, and everything else can wear you out.

Taking a few hours to relax with a movie can be a welcome break.

Which Grand Rapids area movie theater is your favorite?

There can be many reasons for having a favorite theater:  ticket prices, movie selection, quality of video/audio, popcorn, location, comfortable seats, and more.

My wife and I don't get the chance to get out for movies too often, but when we do, we like to add dinner and maybe another stop to our night.  That makes UICA a great place to go.

UICA brings movies to town that you won't find at other theaters.  They are also within walking distance of many great food and other entertainment options downtown.  It's a fun place to start a night out.

I also like to catch the occasional blockbuster, like The Hobbit.  A trip to Celebration Cinema South or RiverTown are most likely for me.  I live on the south side of town and these theaters are the most convenient.