Last week they were dubbed 'the most stressed out' city in Michigan, and now we know why. They're working too hard.

It turns out Allendale has good reason to be stressed. According to the web site, they work all the time. Zippia says Allendale is 'the hardest working city in Michigan!

In fact, they're the fifth hardest working city in America.

So, how does one become the fifth hardest working city in America?

Zippia's methodology was based on average hours worked, average commute time (the longer, the more dedicated you are!), workers per household and labor force participation rate.

Hours Worked: 43 (does that seem low to anyone?)
Commute: 19.4 minues
Workers Per Household: 1.9


The 5th hardest working city is Allendale, Michigan. Located 10 miles outside of Grand Rapids, many workers are trekking to the city for work and when they get there they are putting in long hours. On average each household has 1.9 working members.

FYI -- Sudley, VA topped the list as the nation's hardest working city, followed by Forney, TX, College Park MD and Gardere LA.

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