My survey for the day is about Coffee!

Ahh, that wonderful beverage so many of us are addicted to.

On my radio show this morning, I was giving tips on how to make a good cup of coffee.  Things like buying fresh-roasted whole beans, finding the right grind for your machine, using fresh water and brewing at the proper temperature of 195 to 205F.  After all of that, you should have a wonderful cup of coffee.

But, let's say you don't have time to brew a pot, or you really like coffee from a coffee house.  Where are you going for your favorite cup?

I got some good suggestions, Tim Horton's, Herman's Boy in Rockford, Ferris Coffee & Nut, and someone's kitchen, although she didn't invite me over.  She said her husband makes the best, and they buy their coffee at World Market.

How about you?  Like coffee?  Can't live without it?  Where is.....IT!

What do you think...where is the best coffee in Grand Rapids?

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